6Qs on Philosophy of Religion

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1-2 paragraph (minimum of 5 sentences each) well-argued answers engaging the specific material, names, ideas and arguments in the textbook.

***Textbook will be provide

1.Formulate your own definition of “religion.” Test your definition to see if it applies to various cultural phenomena normally labeled religious. (page.7)

2.Try to define “philosophy.” What are some of its main concerns? (pp. 8-9)

3.What is the philosophy of religion? Explain how approaches to philosophy of religion are influenced by different approaches to philosophy itself. ( pp. 9-10.)

4.What is the religious nonrealist view of religion? What arguments can be given for it? (pp. 21-24.)

5.What is the religious realist view of religion? What arguments can be given for it? ( pp. 26-27.)

6.What critique would a nonrealist give of a realist view of religion?( pp. 23-24)

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