a paper of 500 words what . is theater

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Extra Credit Assignment #3: What is Theater?

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Extra Credit Assignment #3: What is Theater?

In one paragraph, please respond to the following prompt:

In the essays in this reading packet, the authors all seem to believe that theater should have a more profound goal than merely to provide entertainment for its audiences. In a few sentences, can you describe what one or more of the authors (Artaud, Auslander, Grotowski, Brook, or Boal) suggest that theater should accomplish?

Please use at least two specific quotations (from two different essays) to help you answer this question. However, you should also think generally about the readings taken as a whole. Is there a view these writers share about the role of theater in society?

This assignment will be worth up to 2 points. Please upload your answer as an MS Word file onto the ASSIGNMENTS tab on blackboard.

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