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Discussion Post #1: Lakoff, “The Brain’s Role in Family Values”

Reid Kerr

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Discussion Prompt:

Following Lakoff’s mapping of the two family metaphors, discuss how this chapter helps you make sense of the stark divisions between the two major political parties in our country. Offer any examples that help confirm the metaphors Lakoff outlines in his text (Democrat, Republican, or both).

Bonus Questions:

Why does Trump, against many contradictions to their actual values, appeal to so many Republican voters?

Likewise, why are Democrats so fractured in assembling a strong candidate (or exciting campaigns) against Trump?

Directions and Requirements:

Post your response to this Canvas discussion board under the title you have been assigned (half of the class will do an initial response to Lakoff and the other half will do an initial response to Rather). Also, you are required to reply to a post that is not the article you were initially assigned. For example, if you did an initial response to Lakoff, offer a reply to a Rather post.

Credit for “support writing” will be offered here based on completion of both layers (one initial post and one reply) and thoughtful response to the prompt. Bringing in key quotes from the text you are writing about is certainly useful, as are specific examples to back up your analysis and ideas. Remember to avoid political rants/opinions; we are in the mode of analysis and critical thought.

Be sure that your initial post is at least 200 words.

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