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Family Therapy Case Study

For this discussion, watch the video: Family Therapy Case Study. Use the information in the scenario to answer the following questions:

  • Which approach to family therapy would be ideal for this family (e.g., structural, solution-focused, Bowenian)? Explain your thoughts and support your choices with aspects of the text or other scholarly sources.
  • Is family therapy preferable to other options, such as individual therapy for Leo or parent training for Inez and Joseph? Explain your thoughts and support your choices with aspects of the text or other scholarly sources.
  • What would be the most valid measure of psychotherapy outcome for this case? Explain your thoughts and support your choices with aspects of the text or other scholarly sources.

Reading and Resources

Please read the following chapters in your text:

  • Chapter 16: “Group and Family Therapy”

Chapter 16 covers both group therapy and family therapy. For group therapy, you will learn about theory, practical, and ethical issues, as well as outcome issues. For family therapy, you will learn about systems theory and perspective as well as methods of assessment of families. You will read about essential concepts, ethics, and outcome issues.

Practice the concepts covered in this unit by completing the Unit 9 Key Terms Activity.

Web Resources

Read the following articles:

The first and second articles address the question of how treatment of addiction problems is different from other kinds of psychotherapy. This article is a “teaser,” a brief overview of the issues and concepts. However, it is the overview of an online book on addiction treatment. Therefore, for those of you who plan to enter the field of addiction treatment, save this link, as this book can serve as a valuable resource in the future.

For the third article, you will read about the state of knowledge on best approaches when multiple issues affect the client. Often times, clients have multiple problems. They may have medical diagnoses including brain injury or brain illness. They may have chemical dependency as well as psychological disorders. For these individuals, the treatment becomes much more complex.

Journal Articles

Please review the Library Guide for a list of articles to read for this unit. These have been selected taken from various academic journals, all of which can be found in the Purdue Global Library. Though they are not required to complete the coursework for this unit, they will be helpful for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of clinical psychology.


Pomerantz, A. M. (2014). Clinical psychology: Science, practice, and culture: DSM-5 update, 3rd edition. Retrieved

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