Discussion 2 — fake news or persuasive writing?


Recently, social media companies have been under attack by the advertisers, media, and the public over controversial material posted on their websites. The authors of the questionable articles argue that they are just using persuasive writing covered by the First Amendment of the U.S. constitution. Critics argue that their postings are inciting hatred and violence, which is not covered by the First Amendment.

Suppose that your employer asked you to write a persuasive article for publication that included information that made you feel uncomfortable. How would you handle this situation? Who would you go to ask for advice, if anyone? How would you confront your employer about your feelings? Do you know anyone that has encountered this situation?

Submit your response (in APA format for any references used) – 15pts.

Reply to two (2) other posted responses for full points – 5pts. + 5pts. for each reply.

Total possible points = 25

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