Discussion board: module 6 | Education homework help

Discussion board: module 6 | Education homework help

You  must provide at least one reference in APA format at the end of your  first post. You must utilize this reference to support an original  thought or idea you propose within your response. You  cannot receive full credit for number of postings if your contributions  were insignificant, without reasoning, or showed little effort. Answer  the following questions in your discussion.
Discussion questions:

What is the distinction between performance appraisal and  performance management? What is the relationship between performance  management and continuous quality improvement?
How does a manager decide how often to conduct formal performance  management interviews? Provide examples of content that would be covered  during a formal performance management interview.
Why is employee participation in the performance management  process important? Under what circumstances is employee participation  not necessarily important?
Describe a time when you received feedback from a supervisor or  person in an authoritative position. Was the feedback helpful? What did  the person do well or what could they have done better?

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