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1. Define and give an example of hegemony.  Select your example from the media world and explain how it disempowers a particular group within society. 

2. Here is a nationalistic ad from World War II.  Do you think it is empowering or disempowering to women and why? (jpg file)

3. Do you think advertisers have an ethical responsibility to represent people in ways that are empowering?  Explain why or why not. 

4, We live in what many scholars call a post-truth era. Looking at what is going on with the current election, we are seeing the institutions of democracy eroding due, in part, the public’s inability to arrive at a consensus on what is actually happening–on what truth is. Do you think that democracy will withstand this test? If not, then what form of governance will replace it? 

Qusestion 1-3 are different 3 short essay, every essay I need reference, no copy. 24hrs, on tgime. Every essay 250 words.

Qusstion 4 is discussion, no refernce, use ur own word, also 24 hrs. no copy, on time

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