Final essay 1000–2000 words | Article writing homework help

The article consists of 8 paragraphs,You need to choose six poems,these 6 poems should have a common theme. The common theme can be:

 Love,  Women,  Nature,  Punishment,  Temptation,  Suffering,  Children,  Fear,  Men,  Animals,  Innocence,  Relationship.

1 Question/Argument 

2 Good XX (poem 1)

3 Good XX (poem 2)

4 Good XX (poem 3)

5 Bad XX (poem 4)

6 Bad XX (poem 5)

7 Bad XX (poem 6)

8 Conclusion/ Answer


Scoring criteria:

25- Heading and Title: Essay heading, title, and pages numbers follow MLA guidelines.

25- Tiles of Texts: Titles of texts follow MLA guidelines for capitalization and format.

25- Direct Quotes: Essay includes 10–15 direct quotes from the texts.

25- Signal phrases and Citation: All direct quotes are accompanied by a signal phrase and parenthetical citation.

25- Texts: Essay carefully discuss the six poems selected.

25- The essay identifies its analysis in the intro as either chronological or spatial. A purpose for the analysis is also given.

25- Argument: An argument is provided about the relationship between the texts. This is located in a clearly identifiable thesis statement.

25- Structure: Chronological essays give texts in strict chronological order; spatial essays collect and categorize texts.

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