Heart rate monitoring | Education homework help

Heart rate monitoring | Education homework help

Heart rate monitoring:  Monitor the exercise (pre/peak/post) heart rates of 5 different people. Each person must have a risk factor for disease (smoker, family history, sedentary, BMI over 30, hypertension, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes.) However, if they have two or more risk factors they will need a medical clearance. Create a chart (landscape format to fit on one page)  that includes their name, age, gender, current medications, activity level (sedentary, moderately active 2-3x/week, vigorously active 4-6 x/week), length of exercise session (must be at least 20 minutes), exercise performed (i.e. walking, biking, circuit, etc.) and the major risk factors for heart disease that they currently have. You will exercise with them TWO separate TIMES and collect data each time. Include the following for each person:
-pre exercise heart rate
-RPE exertion level at peak of exercise (6-20)
-exercise heart rate at peak
-post exercise heart rate after cool down
-THR range (using Karvonen and Percent max)
Determine and calculate the intensity target heart rate range of each participant using the Karvonen method and the Percentage of Max HR method. Write a summary of the results and make conclusions based on your findings. In your assignment use the following subheadings and discuss the relationships between 1). pre HR’s and post heart rates, 2.) HR’s and fitness levels, 3.) RPE vs. Peak heart rate, 4.) Medications and heart rates, 5.) the importance of HR measurement and 6.) if everyone achieved their target heart rate range. Explain why or why not Target Heart rates where/where not achieved. 7). Differences in HR’s over the two sessions. In addition to your observations, it is important that you research the expected results to the above questions using credible references. 

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