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There are a lot of reasons as to why the 13 British colonies in North America will declare their independence from the British Empire in 1776. There was a growing tension between the British Parliament, King George III, and the colonial governments over issues such as taxation, regulation, power, control, etc. Additionally, there were larger philosophical and theological (i.e. Enlightenment and the Great Awakening) challenges to concepts such as citizenship and the relationship between a citizen and their government. The two readings for this Unit, “Massachusetts Slaves Petition their Freedom” and “Thomas Jefferson’s Rights of British Americans,” delve into these changes, and an individuals/citizens rights. Discuss in detail what the Massachusetts Slaves and Thomas Jefferson is asking? How are these demands similar when you consider the definition of citizenship. What elements of the Enlightenment or the Great Awakening come out in these readings? What other historical elements such conversations about independence and “freedom” are present in these readings?

Remember to cover the 4Ws for each one of these readings (Who, What, When, and Why).

Remember that your post needs to be over 100 words, and you need to cover all of the topics posed in the question. Bringing in the relevant history from this unit is necessary for you to fully answer the question.

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