HW 2 Space in Art

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Students write essay on one of the major art element “space” and show art examples.

Chose two works of art in chapter 4. Write out the name of the artist, the title of the artwork, date, medium/material and explain where, and why “space” is a major factor in the art work.

Details on the instructions:

Please write a long summary for each work you have chosen. 1.) You may quote the author of the textbook, but explain the quote or state the reason you have chosen to use quotes. 2) is your chosen work of art 2d or 3d? when you explain this you may use a definition of “space” but you must use quotes or refer to the author who has provided your definitions. 3) Decide how to explain either the artist’s use of space to create their art work or the ways that the viewer/observer understands the space in and around the artwork in order to understand it.

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