Introduction to american government | Government homework help


1) The texts due today are Federalist essays # 52-53, 57, 62-63.

Reflecting on the structural differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate (see Art. I of the Constitution), and the Federalist essays on each chamber, explain why they differed. Please avoid listing the differences between the institutions. Instead, I want you to consider what the intentions of the framers of the Constitution were, with respect to the House of Representatives and the Senate. What unique purpose was each institution intended to serve that differed from the unique purpose of the other?

Length: 350 words


2) The text due today are Federalist essays # 67-69.

Use only your readings for today to support or reject this statement: The system of selecting a president is designed to result in the elevation of a kingly character to the presidency, but the powers of the presidency are less expansive than a king’s.

Length: 350 words


3) The text due today are essays #45-50 in the Federalist

What is the danger and remedy of an unconstitutional concentration of power in the federal government?

Length: 350 words


4) The texts due today are Federalist essays # 78-80

What is the primary worry or threat to the judiciary that the author of these essays (Hamilton) in the Federalist addresses?  

Length: 350 words

***Most used the Federalist Essays to answers this questions

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