Introduction to logic sections 4.5 and 4.6 the traditional square of | introudction to logic | Bergen Community College

Section 4.5 is on The traditional square of opposition.  And 4.6 is on the Venn Diagrams of the propositions that take the traditional standpoint.  Like I said in the intro, I’m going to do sec 4.6 first, and 4.5 second.  Here are some questions.

1.  What is the difference in notation between the Venn Diagrams that adopt the Boolean standpoint and the Venn Diagrams that adopt the traditional standpoint?  There’s only one small difference.  Just draw it, or explain what it looks like, and explain what the new notation means.  

2. Explain the logical relation between the ‘A’ and the ‘I’ propositions on: a) the Boolean standpoint (look at the modern square) and b) the traditional standpoint (look at the traditional square).  Why are they different?

3. On the Traditional Square, the relation between the ‘A’ proposition and the ‘E’ proposition is said to be ‘contrary.’  Describe the contrary relation, and explain why it is different than the ‘logically undetermined’ relation on the modern square.  

4. Draw (if you can) the picture of the Traditional square of opposition.  Label all the parts.  Familiarize yourself with the meanings of all the relations.  

i will provide log in information for the online textbook for necesssry reference. 

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