Organization business intelligence(bi) | Management homework help


This APA paper should discuss what business intelligence is about and analyze the student’s organizational understanding and ability to implement business intelligence. Focus should be on where the organization is currently and where they would like to be in the future.

Length: 6 pages; APA formatted – not including cover and references pages. At least three scholarly, peer reviewed references.

A suggested layout for your paper would be:

  1. Cover page
  2. Introduction to your paper (tell the reader what you’re going to discuss in this paper – one to two paragraphs)
  3. Introduction to BI (what it is, why it’s important – at least three subheaders/topics – at least 1.5 pages)
  4. [Your Organization]’s Level of Business Intelligence (at least 1 page)
  5. What [Your Organization] Can Do to Increase the Level of Business Intelligence (at least 1 page)
  6. Summary (about two-three paragraphs)
  7. References page (at least four)

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