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You will complete peer review in Canvas this week with all of the members in your group (two members). You are responsible for reading all of the drafts within your group and making comments in a separate document that you will post to the discussion board.

It is advised that you post each peer review as a separate document titled with as “person’s name peer review” so that each person can access them easily.

Here are the following requirements to earn a successful grade:

  1. For each draft, you must write least 5 appropriate general comments from any issue that you see within the paper. These are up to you, but try to make them quality comments, not just “good job” or “fix this.” These can be about lower order concerns, such as grammar or MLA/APA style mistakes.
  2. You must also have least 3 thoughtful in-text comments that consider both global and local concerns. These should be about higher order concerns such as thesis development, overall paper organization, or flow.
  3. Finally, include a 2-3 sentence end note that lets the writer know your overall thoughts, including what is working well and what areas to focus on in his or her final draft revision. Be sure to point to specific examples within the draft to help guide the writer with your feedback.
  4. These should all be in a document that you post to the discussion board for the group member to see. Since you cannot write on the drafts, please point out page/paragraph numbers in your feedback to make it easy for the writer to find your suggestions in their draft. *You may also download a draft, make your notes on it, and repost if you prefer.

peers paper will be provided

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