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question 1:Uncle George, a widower and your favorite relative tells you he has a Will and thinks everything should be fine so does not see the need for a Power of Attorney (POA) document. explain to Uncle George:

Why he needs a POA; (think about health, housing & finances)

What the POA can and cannot do;

What criteria he should consider in choosing who to nominate as his POA.

Question 2: Below is a recent CBC story from British Columbia involving a Will, beneficiaries and the SPCA. After reading the document about Estate Planning . discuss:

What has caused the problem here;

What recommendation would you give to Uncle George when he is preparing his Will so that something similar would not happen;

How do you think the judge should rule? (This is opinion – there is no right or wrong – provide explanation for your answer that you would give to family and to SPCA). 

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