Physical threats and security | Information Systems homework help


Many business environments have both visible and invisible physical  security controls. You see them at the post office, at the corner store,  and in certain areas of your own computing environment. They are so  pervasive that some people choose where they live based on their  presence, as in gated access communities or secure apartment  complexes. Alison is a security analyst for a major technology  corporation that specializes in data management. This company includes  an in house security staff (guards, administrators, and so on) that  is capable of handling physical security breaches. Brad experienced an  intrusion—into his personal vehicle in the company parking lot. He asks Alison whether she observed or recorded anyone breaking into and  entering his vehicle, but this is a personal item and not a company  possession, and she has no control or regulation over damage to employee  assets. This is understandably unnerving for Brad, but he understands that she’s protecting the business and not his belongings.

When or where would you think it would be necessary to implement security measures for both?

Note: Please make sure to write about 250 words in APA format with in-text citation and include atleast one scholarly article

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