Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt Discussion (2 )

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read the lectures on Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and watch the videos on these presidents.

You are then to write a description of your presidency as becoming either Theodore Roosevelt OR Franklin Roosevelt. You are going to show how Theodore Roosevelt created the modern office of the presidency through his domestic and foreign policy and Franklin Roosevelt created our modern system of government through his New Deal programs of relief, recovery and reform.

Finally you are going to tell which of these two presidents would be rated higher in your opinion and why. And agree or disagree with TWO students with their opinions here





** You use lectures, text chapters, and videos for this assignment. Remember to choose only ONE Roosevelt, do not write about the two Roosevelts in this assignment. Theodore Roosevelt is considered the first modern president and you need to show how with his Square Deal policies at home and his foreign policy how he created the office of the modern presidency, see lecture in particular. Franklin Roosevelt created the New Deal which is the basic of our modern government system. You will describe in detail the evolution of his New Deal with his policies of relief, recovery and finally reform which were successful during the Depression period. Plus you will comment on TWO other student choices for the highest rated of these two presidents and cummnt two of the highest rated modern presidents.

** please You are not to use outside sources, only class material. This is not a research paper and you do not list sources in your answer. Also make sure you comment on two student opinions in your answer.

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