PSA335: Group Dynamics in PSA

Help me study for my Psychology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

This will be a 8-10 page paper in APA format examining some area of Group Dynamics with a strong connection to some form of Public Safety Administration. The paper should examine group issues within a public safety agency (if possible) and then choose one major topic to pursue–such as Leadership, Conflict, Power, Influence, etc. The paper should have depth and substance as it examines the agency, focuses on one area, and then develops depth in examining the situation. At least five different resources should be used, including our text.

This is a formal, APA style paper with proper title page, abstract, body (content) and sources page (bibliography).

Textbook: Group Dynamics by Donelson R. Forsyth Seventh Edition

From the Professor-

1) Submit your work to Turnitin, first, to check for similarities. A report will be generated immediately, and you’ll have the opportunity to edit if needed before submitting the final document through Blackboard (exactly the way you have submitted all your weekly assignments).

2) “It will be a 8-10 page paper..”: we tend to think that writing more makes it look like we have more to say but, most often, it only shows that we are unable to summarize!

3) “…in APA format…”: for four weeks I have insisted on that, and now you see why. The paper shall have the proper formatting, including a title page, an abstract, a narrative with a strong conclusion, and a reference page. If you still have doubts as to what APA entails, please ask, or consult the proper sources.

4) “The paper should examine group issues… and focus on one major topic…”: ONE major topic, this is important! Examine the situation “in depth”, following the thread of the topic you have chosen to focus on. It is only a 8-10 page discussion, not a strategic plan to save the world..

5) “At least five different resources should be used, including our text”: resources should be current and reliable. By “current” we mean no more than 5-7 year old (unless you cite older, well established theories); “reliable” means that they state facts that have been scientifically proven. Preferred are peer-reviewed articles and academic journals, which you can find in numbers in our virtual library. “At least five” means “the more, the better”.

Lastly, I would like to remind you of the upcoming survey (anonymous, with no bearing on your final grade, if that’s what worries you). Yes, I have already done that, but I want to make sure you know how appreciated your input would be. You can say anything you want, but say something! And if there is anything you’d like to address with me, please feel free, your feedback is always welcome!

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