Rational choice and crime

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Discussion Prompt #1 – Rational Choice and Crime

After many years of study, there is still no definite answers as to what compels people to commit egregious crimes. Criminologists study the nature, extent, cause, and control of criminal behavior. How does rational choice theory play a role in an offender’s decision to commit a crime? Is there another criminological theory you propose for this question? Explain in detail.

Discussion Prompt #2 – Crime Deterrence

The idea behind general deterrence is that potential offenders fear legal punishment, so they tend to avoid committing a crime. Specific deterrence’s view is if that threat of punishment cannot deter a potential offender from committing a crime, but that the actual punishment itself may be severe enough to prevent the offender from committing the same crime again. In our current society, which deterrent is most effective? Explain your answer.

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