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I’m working on a Psychology exercise and need support.

Click on the link below to view a portion of the film “28 Days” where a heroin addict who is in a rehab facility overdoses.

(Allow a bit of time for this movie to load and play)

Post your comments to the following questions on this week’s discussion topic:

1. Explain what happened to the overdose victim according to a classical conditioning approach.

(Hint for success: Consider what environment the addict is in, and how that might effect her according to the textbook?)

2. Do you think this is the best explanation of what happened to this heroin addict in this circumstance? Why or why not?

3. What alternative explanation(s) do you observe being offered in the film clip? Would an alternative explanation (other than classical conditioning) better explain her overdose? Why or why not?

Your entire response to all 3 questions together should be 350-500 words.

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