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1.I think differential association explains how and why some people join organized crime groups. Childhood is a crucial time in any person’s life. Without getting too much into psychology, there is consensus that at certain stages of development, children are already molded into what they will become as adults. Part of this influence is a person’s environment and another is a person’s biology. If a child grows up around crime, poverty, or general disregard for accepted social norms, they have a very high chance of repeating and mirroring this behavior. In the biological sense, we can refer to family and/or friends. Children that are born into crime families will most likely take over the “family business” when the parents pass away, or at least join in. For those who are not biologically related, they may have grown up in the neighborhood, witnessed the goings on of the organizations, and possibly taken part in its activities from a young age. Differential association explains that you tend to be like the people you hang out with, or associate with, whether family or friends, because you are trying to fit in, or be accepted by the group. In the case of organized crime groups, instead of conforming to good, law-abiding, upstanding moral behavior that is most desirable in a person, they will conform to being criminal beings within the organized crime group.

2.There are many various groups of organized crimes. Such as social control theory, delinquent subcultures, and differential association. The social control theory entails that people don’t break the laws due to the relationships, commitment, norms, and beliefs. It is considered a code of honor a bondage to not be broken unless compromised. The organizational theory is the core of the organized crime group. It is the concepts of the behaviors of the groups or subgroups and how they perform and accomplishments their set goal. The organizational theory is important because it is the pattern and structure that is used to maintain the group. The differential association is the most common theory used to explain entry into an organized crime. It explains how people adapt to their environment. It informs that people become who they associate with. Their values, attitudes, techniques, and criminal behavior become learned. The theory explains how people learn to become criminals. It is a form of communication. This same theory can be used and applied to the juveniles of today. This theory is very informative and important.

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