Safe assign discussion | ENGL 2338 | University of Texas at Arlington


For this discussion, you will review  a sample SafeAssign report similar to what the coaches/instructors see  with each assignment submission. Your task is to weigh whether or not  Timothy Sunny engaged in an academic integrity violation based on the  criteria of the UTA Honor Code and the assignment criteria. 

Here is Timothy’s SafeAssign report: Timothy Sunny SafeAssign(3).pdf  

 Download Timothy Sunny SafeAssign(3).pdf 

Link to how to read a SafeAssign report: 

 Links to an external site.

  • “In  your opinion, did Timothy Sunny’s work show an academic integrity  violation? Why or why not? Defend your response with support.”

After you’ve posted your primary post, you will need to follow up with two different peers with separate responses, engaging with your peers on their posts. 

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