small business case study – 24 hours. high quality work required

Read Case 10 “EasyLunchBoxes” in your textbook. (Attached in Question Post)

You may wish to review the following Chapter topics which are covered in this particular case:  Chapter 9 – Bootstrap Marketing; Chapter 12 – Global Marketing Strategies; Chapter 13 – E-Commerce and Chapter 19 – Supply Chain.  

Respond thoughtfully to the questions regarding the case below.  

There are four individual questions each worth a total of 25 points for a score of 100 possible points.  Only those answers which are well written and respond to the specific question asked will receive full credit. (Each Answer at least 1.5 pages- So, a total of minimum 6 pages)

The case study will account for 30% of your final grade in the course.  


Title Entrepreneurship and Effective Small Business Management

Author Norman M. Scarborough; Jeffrey R. Cornwall

ISBN 978-0-13-350632-7

Publisher Pearson Education

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