SWM5109 Analyse the meaning and nature of social policy.

I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.

1. Identify what the author is arguing should happen in that policy area (i.e. what is their viewpoint on the topic?-e.g. Are they pro or anti-abortion, or pro or anti compulsory income management, or pro or anti lifting the payment for NewStart allowance?)

2.Is the author influenced by a particular ideological or philosophical viewpoint (social democratic, feminist, conservative, economic rationalist/neo-liberal, human rights, multicultural), and if so, which particular words or phrases are used to communicate their viewpoint?

3. Explain whether or not you agree with their views, and why- is it because of your personal experiences /beliefs or family beliefs or your work experiences?

This analysis should be no more than 1250 words.

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