Tableau visualization | Applied Sciences homework help

2.Using Tableau, create 5 different reports that provides insights into the sakila dataset.You may use any of the below use cases:a.Create a report that helps visualize list of moviestitlesgrouped by categoriesb.Create a report that provides the list of overdue rentals grouped by customersc.Create a report that list the Labelsand languagefor all DVDsd.Create visualization with payments for each customergrouped by citye.Create charts that gives insight into thenumber of customers, ranged by number of rentals madef.Create charts that gives insight into the number of rentals for each storeand name of store managerg.Create table that lists which 3 actors’ films have the highest demand for rentalsh.Build charts that gives insight into the number of rentals per month for each store3.Create a dashboard based on the report set that you have created(Forexample: Store level dashboard that showsinventory, number of customers per store,revenue, etc.)Note: Make sure the context within the dashboard can beswitched using filters.

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