Technology and human | Sociology homework help

This assignment provides you an opportunity to recognize social changes in personal communication and relationships due to technology and evaluate human adaptation to environment.

Part AInitial Answers
null Please view this video lecture, 

This video is about media, technology and the social change that is occurring with communication. The lecturer, Sherry Turkle is a cultural analyst that teaches at MIT. The lecture runs 19 minutes and 45 seconds. Make some notes of important points as you will be using them to create your discussion post.
Now that you have viewed the lecture, Connected, Yet Alone? You are ready to create a discussion post. Consider the main points that were made in the lecture including, “we are lonely, yet afraid of intimacy.

1)”How has technology affected your own life and ability to communicate with others?
2)What indications do you have that people are more comfortable behind a screen in certain situations than they are in person?
3)Add to your discussion by including quotes from the lecture that you either agree or disagree with.
4)Include the social network site of Facebook in your discussion and its relevance in your own life or society in general.

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