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1- Digital Spiritual : Using Adobe Spark, create a project that is a visual representation of your essay. Do not just copy and paste your essay into the video/project. Adjust your content to fit the project format.If you did not do a video last time, you must this time. If you did not narrate/use your voice last time, you must this time (and include captions). You must use images that are closely related to your text (images include art).All projects must include a video/audio clip of your selected spiritual.Prompt: see the Spirituals Response prompt. You are making a digital version of this essay – again, do not just copy and paste. Make selections from your essay, revise the selections for ease of read in the slides.

2- Spirituals Response: Homework responses (HR) will be mini typed responses written prior to class (3 paragraphs; minimum 500 words, single-spaced).The first paragraph will introduce a critical concept and explain it in your own words. This paragraph will end with a thesis statement that connects the concept to the book being analyzed and its significance.The second paragraph will contain analysis of the book in relation to the concept. It will include one quote from the book. This paragraph will focus on one scene—do not talk about every single thing that connects to the concept. Be focused and critical.The third paragraph will wrap up the mini essay by discussing “the big picture.”HRs are to be uploaded to Canvas prior to the start of class. The homework link in Canvas will provide you with a TurnItIn plagiarism report. Review the report and correct anything that is marked as plagiarism (if you have directly quoted from the required reading and used proper citation, you do not have to change that even if TurnItIn highlights it). If you do not upload your HRs to TurnItIn, 20% will be deducted from the grade.To help you with this assignment, remember to read the Library of Congress’ page on spirituals (Links to an external site.) as well as this page (Links to an external site.) which contains a section about songs during slavery.

Prompt:From the Library of Congress’ page on African American Song, it says, “As Africanized Christianity took hold of the slave population during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, spirituals, a type of religious song typically sung in a call and response form with a leader improvising a line of text and a chorus of singers providing a solid refrain in unison, served as a way to express the community’s new faith, as well as its sorrows and hopes. Some spirituals served as codified messages of secret meetings, of protest, or even of an intent to escape. Songs often used Old Testament sources to express the suffering of slavery. ” Select one spiritual and analyze its content for coded language as well as references to the Old Testament. How does analyzing these songs add a deeper layer to understanding the period of slavery? In other words, how might the act of studying the spirituals be seen as part of an Afrocentric education? Reminder: Afrocentric education, according to Molefi K. Asante, “involves locating students within the context of their own cultural references so that they can relate socially and psychologically to other cultural perspectives” and illustrating Africans and African Americans as “agents, actors, and participants rather than as marginals on the periphery of political or economic experience” (“Afrocentricity in Education”).

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