Videography.. Please share your paradigms and truisms here for next week.

Can you help me understand this Film question?

Please share your paradigms and truisms here for next week.

A) Based on all the projects and experiments you have done, or concerns and big questions you have in your work, define your paradigm. You will need to develop this using the 6 criteria that briefly talked about last class. Get abstract and push the concepts so that they produce a “crisis;” remember this is speculative to some extent, best asked in the form of a “what if….” question. Speculate about how your claim could exceed your current practice. Write it down as a phrase or action based process. What is the big picture we are getting from your practice.

The six criteria for a paradigm are:

1. it produces a crisis – a rupture

2. It is not necessarily true must be exemplary

4. sufficiently unprecedented

5. open ended with lots of problems

6. joins other fields or what we thought to be a very unrelated problem

B) 15-20 Truisms

and here is the example

Hey everyone,

Truisms and my Paradigm are included in Microsoft Word doc below. Please feel free to leave comments and thoughts, very curious to hear from everyone:)

See ya’ll soon,

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