Week 4 reflection paper | Psychology homework help

If you were asked to develop your own theoretical approach for working with families, what would it look like?

What techniques would you integrate from the psychodynamic and transgenerational models? Does your theory meet the criteria for a sound theory? With which families do you believe your theory would work the most effectively? With which families do you believe your theory may not be as effective?

Submit a 2-3 page reflection paper addressing the questions above. Use APA format and remember to cite your work. You will need to include a cover page APA style, 2-3 page paper APA style, and Reference page APA style. You will not need an abstract page for any paper for this course, do not include the abstract page.

Please see the attachments and use them to complete the assignment.



Goldenberg, I, Stanton, M & Goldenberg, H. (2017). Family Therapy: An Overview (9th Edition). Cengage Learning.  Chapters 7 & 8

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