write a Bullet Background Paper (BBP) on that issue/recommendation.

our final assignment is to take the policy issue and recommendations you made in your previous assignment and write a Bullet Background Paper (BBP) on that issue/recommendation. Read chapter 16 of the attached document and follow the guidelines for writing a BBP. You must read the ENTIRE CHAPTER to ensure you are aware of all of the guidelines for properly writing this kind of paper; do not just read the BBP portion, as you will miss critical info if you do, and will lose points on your paper as a result.

Do not ask me how many pages this needs to be, how to cite the data, if it needs to be double-spaced, or any other questions about the paper format. This is why I am giving you the attachment.

Your assignment will be graded as follows:

Adhering to format and organizing the paper as specified in the attachment, including spacing, length of bullet statements, section headings, etc.: 15%

Grammar: 15%

Properly conveying the most important points in the paper and not leaving out any critical issues: 70%.

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