Write a proposal you can deliver to the rescue’s leadership and | MBA 6931 – Project Management Strategy & Tactics | Columbia Southern University

Choose one of the three major organizational structures to associate with Lucky Me Animal Rescue. The structure you choose to associate with the rescue is up to you, but keep in mind that it will continue to be the environment for your project as you complete the additional assignments in this course.

*******NO PLAGIARISM********

You must then address how that structure will affect project characteristics. Refer to Table 2.1 in the textbook for a list of specific characteristics.

Finally, at a minimum, your proposal must also:

 examine the project manager’s role in the structure,

 explore how project communication will be conducted within the structure, and

assess how project personnel and resources are affected by the organizational structure and how this can impact project progress and completion.

Reference document listed use the scenario based on previous document. A minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. You must use at least two sources to support your proposal. Reference must be included.

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