Write an essay following the instructions.

1. You have all instructions in the attachment instructions. 

2.You will have to choose one question form the list but I chose Question # 2 to work on. 

3.You have the primary Text (( I already chose and uploaded one form those in the instructions sheet )) that you will need to write the essay. They are in two attachments (( you have to read it inorder to write the essay)).

3. However, you have to find a secondary source to connect with the primary source that you have while writing the essay. 

4. The secondary source can be any source (( academic, magazin news, article…etc)) but reliable. 

5. you will have to follow every single instruction to write the essay EXACTLY as required. 

6. You have an attachment tells you how to develop a strong thesis ((IMPORTANT))

7. The assignment should be 5 pages. 

8. DUE ON DEC 3. 2016.

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